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Weekly Meetings

In addition to our weekly group meeting, I meet with everyone in my research group one-on-one for 30 minutes (at least) every week. It's a huge time investment, but I feel it's a worthwhile one. Luckily, I learned a lot about managing from my days playing baseball (coaching and managing share the same skill set.). I've also worked for some great bosses. However, I'm still learning how to manage, so it's nice to see some of my practices discussed and recommended:

When is your manager giving you a chance to tell him what’s in your brain? I’m worried if your answer isn’t “at a one-on-one,”

And later:

A good manager has his finger on the pulse of their organization and the one-on-one usually echoes much of that pulse, so why is he carving out 30 minutes for every person on his team?

He wants to learn.

And finally:

Managers who don’t have a plan to talk to everyone on their team regularly are deluded. They believe they are going to learn what is going on in their group through some magical organizational osmosis and they won’t. Ideas will not be discovered, talent will be ignored, and the team will slowly begin to believe what they think does not matter, and the team is the company.

From Michael Lopp in Managing Humans